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Boy in the Hole by Akiva Hersh

Boy in the Hole

by Akiva Hersh

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How does an outcast discover his power to become who he really is?


Boy in the Hole

In an anti-other political climate comes a novel giving voice to outcasts tyrannized by power.

Jacob is a boy growing up in the seventies in the Deep South who emerges from a family of sexual deviancy and alcoholism masked by religion and materialism.

Aided by a tribe of mentors, he learns to define who he is but struggles to find the balance between faith and sexuality. To embrace his true identity, Jacob must go on an exodus to face his demons and overcome the pressures to conform.

BOY IN THE HOLE is a gripping account of a boy wrestling to understand himself, his family, and the world in which he lives. It is a cathartic tale of an adolescent refusing to accept his parents' toxic beliefs and the messages of self-hate from religion and society.

It was as easy as an honest exchange between two people cleaning chicken and cutting vegetables; while patchouli incense and dance music drifted through the kitchen, for each to drop the veil of everyday charades; to allow a shard of light to wedge itself into the sordid closet of secrets, and declare everything in it human and acceptable.
— Boy in the Hole

TRIGGER WARNING: The first chapter depicts a rape scene.


Early Reviews

This is a story so powerful and intriguing it keeps you turning the page and looking for a hero along with Jacob! My tears stained many pages of this beautiful tragedy Akiva has told through his eyes. It’s sad, sweet, dark, humorous, and most of all completely raw with emotion.

Melanie Testasecca, Goodreads Five STars

Boy In The Hole takes you on a real journey of life and love from the eyes of a boy coming of age in a world with out a safety net. A fast read, I was left longing for more and waiting for what's next.

Mezma Brooks, Goodreads Five STars

Early in the book, every scene is laid carefully, like glass in an inlay, every piece broken, sharp-edged, and disconnected, but building a picture I wasn't sure I wanted to see. The writer is quite adept, with a few scenes being downright artful while others are startling, and the novel really IS southern gothic. It bursts with the lavish details, nasty secrets slithering below the surface like a mud pit filled with eels, and comical bumps and jolts that are natural outgrowths of such odd characters interacting.

Archetype, Goodreads Five STars

“Boy in the Hole” by Akiva Hersh is a heart-filled story of surviving and overcoming, intergenerational trauma. It starts with the makings of a very traumatized grandmother and follows two generations of her family tree. It is a study in intergenerational trauma, in all its complexity. It’s heavy. But it’s important. It is filled with hope. And there’s a lot more to it.

Melanie Blow, COO Stop Abuse Campaign

Akiva Hersh is a good storyteller and writes strong themes into the narrative, juxtaposing religious hypocrisy with sexual waywardness, and creating situations that make the young protagonist question the values of his family…The story is balanced, well-plotted, and realistic. The prose is exquisite, punctuated by powerful and interesting dialogues. Boy in the Hole will provoke reflection in readers while entertaining them in many ways.

FIVE STAR REVIEW BY Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite


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By Akiva Hersh

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